Playful Pause


“If you dislike the activity the activity, you are also setting your body up for a stressful experience rather than a stress relief”

-Latham Thomas (Own Your Glow: A Soulful Guide)


img_7271A few times a week I get enough courage to take thirty minutes out of my day to watch the sunset. I usually see it starting to set on my walk home from work and I sprint back to my apartment to try to catch it completely. I make a little tea and start my aromatherapy and get cozy in a nook in my room and I just pause. It’s not like meditation where I’m in a constant state of peace it’s more of just being aware of the world around me. We get so lost in our own lives and our own heads that we forget that there is more to life than whatever we have going on. I first started to think about this when I read Latham Thomas’s book and ever since I have been more thankful of my time. I have tricked myself into thinking that every second of my life has to be filled with productivity in order for my life to be fulfilled. I make these list and these schedules that are often impossible to finish. When I don’t finish everything I’m left stressed out and frazzled. But, the reason I made these list and got so organized is to be less stressed.img_7558

So how does that work out for me? Like everything in life you have find some kind of balance. I can have structure but not at the expense of my peace of mind. Seems obvious and  the go to answer but…. if you’re a person like me and you feel the stare of your pending future constantly on you chances are you feel the need to sacrifice your peace for something that won’t actually matter in a few weeks. This is how I came to love the idea of a playful pause. Just take a few moments or an hour out of your day and CHILLLLL. Cook something weird and throw it out if it taste like left over Applebee’s fries. If you know me I’m good for throwing a face mask and taking a long bubble bath. It’s not really about what you do. You can look up all the self love and  me time you want but if you’re just doing it because that’s what you think self love is you may have a bigger issue. I do love looking at different routines we all do it makes us excited to spend a little TLC with ourselves. But….. you have to know this if you didn’t gain anything from that time you spent with yourself  ask yourself, why did you take that time? Think about it. img_6638Why did you pause your life to do something that you didn’t feel anything for. I remember a few years ago I saw a beautiful post on Pintrest. This girl was in a luxury bubble bath with breakfast and had this face mask it was so cute. I got off from work that day and prepared myself to recreate that exact scene. Not only could I not enjoy the breakfast because something about eating breakfast and soaking in a nice bath just doesn’t work. Or maybe it was the fact that I was eating with a charcoal mask…. still not sure on which one it was. The point is once I finished doing what I thought would be a fun pause in my life I was just glad it was over. So you have to do exactly what you need to do for a pause.img_7571f you need a nap then by all means take a nap. If you want to sit in front of your tv for an hour and binge watch Power then DO THAT! You should never feel guilty about pausing your life. I guarantee the hour you used for yourself is insignificant to your productivity. Guilt for moments of happiness should tell you what you think of yourself. If you find yourself feeling guilty that should be your motivation for enjoying the company of yourself. Cherish the person you are. Enjoy the body you live inside of. Pamper your soul as you would your body. TREAT YO SELF!!

P.S: These are some crystals that I love for a playful pause. Rose Quartz are amazing for invoking sweetness, love, and passion. Clear quartz represent manifestation, clarity and balance. The Lapis Lazuli invokes compassion, wisdom, and spiritual growth. 



Growing & Glowing

“There are years that asks questions and years that answers”

-Zora Neale Hurston


I think I put too much magic in ages. I always still linger on to the fantasy that a certain age will bring something  magical and graceful into my life. When I turned 15 I remember thinking this is it I am officially not a child anymore why I thought that who really knows. I think it was just hope that I had a marker to change and to become a better version of myself. img_6932Granted when I was fifteen a better version of myself was a spending Saturdays in Forever 21 with my moms debit card but it was better than my mom standing over me in Forever 21 convincing me not to buy a stupid graphic tee. Now I spend my Saturdays buying flowers which is a switch I never saw coming, But, growth is growth.It’s not measured by an age or the people around us. img_6642Growth for me is being comfortable going places alone and not feeling ashamed for not being 100% dedicated to every aspect of my life. Growth for you may be finally soaking in a bubble bath once a week.I measured my growth by what people around me did for years and up until a few months ago. I always thought I was a hundred miles behind my friends. I spent time trying to catch up in an imaginary race. During the time I spent trying to catch up I lost sight of my own goals. What was at the finish line for me? What was I racing to? If I won what was the prize? I came up with nothing. For one of the first times in my life I didn’t have any real goals. I was in cycle of routines and organizations and making sure I wasn’t panicking about my future. I got too comfortable running to nothing. So I took a big risk and auditioned for the Vagina Monologues.img_7061 For no reason other than to prove  to myself that I could. Getting cast wasn’t the goal it was auditioning. I have never really acted and I could speak in public but to adopt another persona was not my forte. I wanted to prove that I was brave enough to step out of the imaginary race. I promise the day I walked out of the office after auditioning and getting cast I felt this feeling of rejuvenation. I  was getting somewhere with my goals. A few months ago I wouldn’t have done it because school and work were the most important in my life. But once I realized that if I keep staying safe and running after someone on their track I would never race my own race. Once you reach that minor growth that’s when the inner glowing starts. When you feel happy you start to look it. Glowing starts with accepting where you are in life but once you accept it you can recognize that you have the strength, power, and ability to change that. I accepted the fact that I am not where I want to be when it comes to my writing but it will change. Meditate on what you fear and see where the fear is sourced from. That where growth starts from. img_6673It starts with reaching into those places that are sensitive and healing those places to be comfortable and allowing those sensitive parts to come forward. You ever hear people talk about relationships and they say you and your partner must want growth for it to work? Well your body  and mind are just like a relationship. When you want growth you have to activate it all parts of your being. You have to open yourself and open places that hinders you from growing. Once you start to grow into the next phase of yourself the glowing come naturally. It comes like second nature and you don’t realize your glow until you go into your next phases of growth. When its time for a change be sure to change.

Thank u, next

“Look at what I’ve found, ain’t no need for searching” 

-Ariana Grande

I have intuition based on how my years go and I don’t know how I know but I just do. My “even years” like 2010, 2012, 2014, and lets not forget the infamous 2016 all challenged me mentally. But my odd years I grow and I always have an abundance of blessings and strength. So when I say 2019 will be the year….believe me. 2018 was no different from my other even years and I’m okay with that. I needed those years for lessons and how I learn who I am and who I want to be. I’m happy with the growth I had this year but on to the next. If you haven’t heard Ariana Grande’s single ,Thank u, next, watch the video and happy reading. 

Thought I’d end up with….

This year I thought I’d end up graduating college an education major. That won’t happen anymore. It wasn’t a match for me. The obstacles I had to go through to just make it work weren’t falling into place. Some days it was a mental battle of if I was just plain dumb? Why couldn’t I grasp statistics? Why was the math portion on my Praxis so hard? After months of privately knocking myself down I made the hasty decision to change my major. I of course still want to teach but now I’m taking a different route. For once in college I’m actually enjoying learning. In my sociology classes I’m learning how to interact with my students from different back grounds. I’m good with this change I wasn’t at first because in my eyes I had failed. If I could tel you one thing to go into your beautiful and for that I sayOdd Year is that failure is mental. Test grades, goals, relationships and friendships don’t end in failure. You learned something from every test life gives you. how could you fail if you won knowledge? 

One taught me love…

You know what I do not like? When people say you have to teach people how to love you, That’s bullshit to me. Self love as I have said before isn’t easy. It’s not over night but what I learned in 2017 was that I can not grow with someone at the age that I am. I have to blossom on my own. In friends and relationshipsIMG_5339 I can’t give a person love if I have yet to experience love from myself. And if you are a person who wants to give love be kind enough to the people around you and heal your own heart before you break another’s. 

One taught  me patience…

If anything taught me patience it was waiting for teachers to upload  final grades. But seriously it was knowing that timing is everything. Some things that I wanted like a relationship with my dad, mending friendships, and even starting a relationship was something that I wasn’t ready for. The timing wasn’t right and patience is a virtue. The right time for everything will come. 

One taught me pain…

Healing from a loss seems like it takes a lifetime. Losing my Godfather is still a cut that I can’t manage to bandage. But he was an angel in my life. But his time in my life served a purpose. I don’t usually search for a meaning in everything but we have to remember the impact that person had. Not the wound that they left. For friendships and an angelrelationships we can remember what that person did and how we felt, but when they are gone the pain of loss isn’t all you have left. At least you’ll have the memory. 

Spent some time with my friends…

This year has brought me so much closer to my friends. I’m obsessed with them I would say. I’ve been better at communicating with them this year and I’m going to continue that. Our discussions are better and I find that we have inspired each other to grow in the right best frienddirection. Joy has taught me so much about being passionate about your career, Alison has taught me the beauty of embracing this divine feminine spiritual life. Asia is someone new in my life but still an old friend has taught me courage and above all just to be brave at facing new obstacles in life. 

school friends

Maiya has taught me how to grow in your faith and not let outside obstacles test that. Bree has taught me that it is okay to be alone and to not be okay. Madison has taught me to embody being strong and to speak up. And for that I thank u. 

Thank u. next

This next chapter will be end and the start of new beginnings for me. I’m ending college and I;m traveling more. I will become closer to my family and I will let love happen for me. I won’t hold back out of fear anymore.

One day I’ll walk down the aisle…

My momma has had my back like no other this year. Every single time I fell she was there to pick me up. Relationships with your family are hard especially if you’re going through something or you’re having major life changes. But just try to connect with them on something. I know it can feel like the responsibility is on you to build a relationship with your family but it takes someone to make the first move. my mommaSo one when I do walk down the aisle holding hands with my momma I will thank my dad. I don’t care about the role he had in my life anymore. I care about the role he will have and what he will represent moving forward. God forbid something happens at least we will end better than what we started. 

I’ve learned from the pain and turned out amazing. I can’t begin to explain how joyful it feels to say I have made it though this year. I’m so grateful for my year

And for 2018 I say: Thank u, next.



P.S. Thank u Zach for Ari-culture.

21 Days Living Shamelessly:Day 1 Meditation

“We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty.”

-Maya Angelou 

I have been thinking about what my newest blog post should be about. I liked some of it but truthfully between work, school and mundane situations that I’ve let over power my life. With all that aside I thought I would share a new journey that I am embarking on. 21 Days of me living my life shamelessly. I find that I hide who I really am to protect this false image that I’ve created of myself. I am losing what makes me unique to fit in. I am becoming shameful of things that I have always taken pride in. 

21 Days of freedom from the pressure that I put on myself. 21 Days of reaching a peace of mind. Today I received my new crystals. 2018-11-07 16_26_36.929I originally had six beautiful crystals but today I have added fourteen beautiful crystals to my collection. I didn’t get a chance to take pictures of them but you’ll see them soon. I’ll talk more about my crystals and what I use them for later…. a lot later stay until then end. 

Today I am shamelessly focusing on meditation. I have developed a love for yoga over the last few years. But in the recent months it has become a full on passion. The problem is I never had the complete courage to just grab my mat and do yoga alone in the park. It’s something that I have been dying to do.2018-07-23 17_34_43.244 I would do it in front of my apartment but only when I was sure no one was watching. I wanted to grab my speaker with some nice neo-soul classics and just stretch my limbs towards serenity.  During yoga you feel this pleasant stillness and your mind becomes empty while focusing 2018-07-23 17_40_53.630only on your body and your breathing.

Breathing for me is important because one thing I’ve noticed about myself is that when I am tense I don’t breathe properly. I will hold in my breath and focus so much of my energy on whatever it is that’s causing me stress. breatheI clench my hands and that’s when I can physically feel my stress. That’s what scares me the most about my stress sometimes I won’t know where it comes from so I try to make it physical. I will bite my cheek or on some extreme cases I will legit clench my teeth down so hard.

This is where my crystals come to play. Crystals are physical elements from the earth that I can hold and see. They possess properties depending on what they are that I can focus my energy into. I have a carnelian stone and carnelian crystals has properties that allow you to focus and allow for better decision-making.

2018-11-07 16_39_07.453

The original six crystals.  

The amethyst stone is all about inner calm and is known for being a mediation stone. I usually keep them close by while I mediate I may place a few out just to feel their presence. I will hold one close to my chest and during this time I focus not only on God but the Earth. During mediation especially after on stress I have to focus on keeping myself grounded. My spiritual life is present throughout mediation and the crystals help me understand how close I need to be with Earth and God. Through stress when I touch during mediation it’s like signal: Okay, Cameron yes you have a lot on your plate but you are human. You are a smaller being on this earth and whatever is stressing you out is so much smaller than what you are.  

But that’s how meditations helps me really I have learned that the way I try to rationalize my stress is by making it physical is ridiculous and unkind to myself. By combating something mental like stress with something equally as mental like meditation. And I don’t always use crystals sometimes I burn an essintial oil or fragrance oil to ground me to certain pleasent memories to guide my meditation. 2018-11-07 16_39_12.845

Stress and mediation both have the same power if you allow it to. With stress if you allow these circumstances and situations in life to cause you stress then you’ll be stressed. With mediation if you can’t open your mind and clear it then what’s the point? 

This is my first day of living “shamelessly” and what I can say about that is I figured out why I am so unkind to myself when it comes to stress. While mediating my mind was empty and when I came up from my mediation it was clear as day. It’s natural to be stressed out but what is unnatural is letting the stress continue to consume my life. And for you reading this if you are stressed it’s okay. Take a moment and think about the situation. Feel what your body is doing. Now un-clench your body and breathe. Just breathe. I know from today that I will continue to check myself and breathe through my stress. It won’t rid me of stress but if I can just breathe through it for the next 20 days and forever I can stress becoming an emotion and not a state of being for myself. 2018-07-26 12_30_38.805

I came to the bright idea that today my shameless revelation is that being shameless is about more than expressing myself. It’s about caring for myself and being kind to myself mentally. But here I am day one peaking through the lenses of what could be me. 

Why I Pretend


“a feeling of worry, nervousness, or unease, typically about an imminent event or something with an uncertain outcome.”

I got my first panic attack that I can remember in the 9th grade during P.E and I think it was after something happened with my friends. I can’t really remember but that’s the thing about anxiety something so small can make you crumble in seconds. I was getting embarrassed because I could feel my stomach dropping and twisting. I could feel my heart racing with a lump in my throat. I felt hands start trembling and my eyes were becoming clouded with tears. I was starting to panic because I was around so many people and I couldn’t just leave. A girl that I had P.E with that semester told me to put my head between my knees to stop the panic attack before it got to bad. I did and it worked but I still feel pure embarrassment every time I think about it. How could I have allowed myself to be so weak?

So I started pretending….


“speak and act so as to make it appear that something is the case when in fact it is not”

I began to write about the perfect girl and the perfect life. She had friends, a fine boyfriend, a fire wardrobe, and a great career. I desperately wanted my character to mirror my life so I began plotting on how I could imitate that. All this was with the pretense that I would never feel weak again. I started negating my feelings if I was hurt, sad, or depressed I would pretend that I was fine. img_6281I couldn’t be a “depressed girl” and I couldn’t be a crazy cry baby. I was the pro-black, strong, social justice warrior and how would it look if deep down I was in an internal battle about  if I was good enough for anything. I pretended that I was proud of my accomplishments but only after I spent time in the bathroom crying my eyes out having a panic attack because my accomplishments weren’t good enough for me. I pretended I was in love with myself when there were days when I couldn’t even look in the mirror without crying because I still felt like I wasn’t perfect enough.

I tried fixing my problem with a problem. It made me ten times worse because when I hit rock bottom and fell apart for real I was in agony and alone for days. It was second semester of my freshmen year of college and I was broke because I had no job, I hadn’t seen my family in a month, I felt like all of my friends were doing so much better than me, I gained weight and the list goes on. FamilyRemember that small thing I talked about well it happened, I lost my school I.D and I think I went insane. I cried and screamed because my life was not what I thought it should have been. My life damn sure wasn’t perfect and I couldn’t pretend anymore. A little while later I wrote a blog post about finding joy. I wrote it right after I had a panic attack. That’s when I took my pretending to another level. How could tell any of you about finding joy when I was struggling just to be happy in day to day life.

The truth about all of this is…

I still struggle with pretending and I know I don’t give myself enough credit. But there is one thing I can say that has helped me and that is telling someone. My mom knows how I am in her eyes I will always be her softhearted little girl and that’s how most of my family knows me. My friends know that I struggle with this and they still view me the same. My point is the road to growth maybe bumpy and may not have any real signs but if you have people in the car with you on that road it’ll make it so much easier. When I finally opened up about my problems I felt like I could stop pretending. This is me telling all my readers from 14-year-old ones to my grandma’s church friends….I am done me 1pretending. The joy that is slowly beginning to enter my soul isn’t for pretend anymore. 

This vulnerability doesn’t make me feel weak anymore. My vulnerability is in my strength and I will overcome my anxiety and so will you. You will get back your control and all you have to do is be patient. Ride out the bad moments and when they are over pick yourself up and get help from yourself and from the people around you. 

“Just like hopes springing high, still I rise”

-Maya Angelou (Still I Rise)

Keep That Same Energy

“What you create for you, no one can can take from you”

.-Jhene Aiko

So if you’re reading this. ITS OFFICIALLY THEAFROCLUB.COM it has been a long time coming but I wanted to be completely committed to my blog and my content and the future of whatever The Afro Club is! Starting this when I was 19 now I’m 21 and this is my 21st post

I realized that I had a different passion really young I would say. I think I viewed being a girl or woman with a lot of pride and around 3rd grade I started to notice that. I didn’t want to just be a pretty girl or be seen or where the title of seen and not heard. I wanted to play and have fun regardless of being female. I used to get so caught up in myself all the time and once I got some headphones on with my little CD player with Survivor by Destiny’s Child blasting while I rode my bike it was like the world around me didn’t exist. I remember one time I was riding in front of my grandmother’s house caught up in my world as usual riding fast and hard not very “ladylike” . baby pic.jpgMy Momma said “People think your wild you need to tone it down some, don’t play so rough”. In my head I was like “what the hell did I do I’m chilling.” I was a rough little chick most of the time. I yelled, I would fight the boys, wore the basketball shorts but I was super feminine at the same time. I couldn’t find the balance or find something that kept me calm and not so angry all the time. But the perception that I wasn’t behaving like a “regular girl” sort of stuck. So I kept finding myself in those same situations where I was just too rough for my own good. By the time I got to middle school I was done going outside and I was just trying to stay out of the way and avoid situations that would make me angry. But when you are a person who likes to be mad you will find yourself looking to be mad everywhere.

I still am that rough little girl deep down inside but as an adult I had to find ways to get caught up in my own world in a productive and peaceful way. I started creating from writing, gardening, painting, and cooking. I wanted to become a person that could redirect my thoughts into something that makes me happy and brings me joy. I wanted my energy to change completely. It took about a decade and I’m only 21 and I  have ways to go and I slip up sometimes. IMG_0275 (1).JPGThere are times that I’ll let my anger get the best of me but I’m also only human. But in the past if something got to me I was angry for awhile and I had to basicaly developed an energy about myself to put a definite end to being upset. It’s not a real process that I learned from anyone but it works for me. The first thing I do is put my feet up when I find myself getting overwhelmingly angry. I kick back and close my eyes and I CHILL OUT. If I feel like I bombed a test and I’m mad about it I’ll sit in the quad and put my feet up on the bench and relax. feet.jpgI take back whatever positive energy was taken from me. One of my favorite things to do is just to start speaking. Words are powerful and its all about how you use them I really got into poetry in college from NAACP but when I’m on stage speaking my truth or conveying my truth there is positive effects of that and it calms me to my core. Poetry has the power to empower you andpoetry.jpg you get so much strength back delivering. Reading Milk and Honey by Rupi Kaur was one of the most inspirational pieces I have read in my life and whenever I recite some pieces from the book that I feel that power that I may have lost in myself returns. Planting is a recent but old thing in my life that I use to calm myself down or to feel a peace back in myself. There is nothing more beautiful than creating and developing life. Planting gives you that feeling without having to have a child lol. On a serious note planting in essence is a quiet impact on your soul. Reading of course is my first love above all but it’s a way to get back in your head without being stuck there. Reading has allowed me to lIMG_0582 (1)ive hundred of thousands lives and adventures that I wouldn’t be able to go on. Painting above all is one of the few things that give me my energy and allows me to keep it up because it’s steady. It’s simple. It’s creating something that the only other image there is exactly like it is in my head. My sacred place where my energy can be creative, uninterrupted and positive. IMG_0803Emotions are natural but when certai emotions are being displayed more than others you have to figure out comfortable ways to regualte them. I struggle with being mad and going off the deep end and the next day not being able to go back to my  “normal self”. It’s all about keeping that same energy throughout your emotions. Ultimately you have to reclaime your emotions and not let them consume you.

“You have got to lose your mind just to find your peace of mind.”

-Jhene Aiko

Insecure: Body Goals Mindset

“Since I don’t look like every other girl, it takes a while to be okay with that. To be different. But different is good.”

-Serena Williams

I encourage health over achieving a specific body type. If you are healthy and in a place where you want to build muscles to achieve different curves then that’s your choice but, the first intention should be health, mental and physical health. You have to find your peace with your body and within in your mind. 2018-07-15 21_35_44.107.JPGSocial media plays a huge part on what we think is the standard for life from relationships to how we should handle our money. I’m going to get real Saturday night special because a lot of my readers are from WattPad and I’ve talked about it before on here but we talk a lot about characters with “perfect bodies” but and then a lot of you mention that you can’t even relate to the people who you create. Your body above all is your temple and a sacred place. You should never compare your body to another and you shouldn’t focus so much on replicating someone else’s temple instead of working on your own. tempImageForSave.jpgFrom the sizes 00 or 22 your body is your home and one of the few places that is completely private on the inside.

 Enjoy your body on the inside practice meditation for as long as you have time to.  I’ve been doing it for almost six years and I can honestly say that nothing  brings me as much peace as clearing my head and resting my temple. Take a walk, take a new group exercise class and surround yourself with people who are growing to be comfortable in their skin and those who are currently comfortable in their skin.

When you fall in love with yourself and your mind there’s nothing you would change for. Bodies of all types needs to be and should be celebrated. There are mommies who think they’re going to pull a Kim K and shake back right after their babies. High school athletes who think that after a bad injury they think that they’ll play exactly the same. Girls in college who think that their high school body is coming back. 2018-07-15 15_09_21.061.JPGThe list goes on and while some women are able to do these things some aren’t and thats okay. Our bodies aren’t made the same so embrace what makes you unique NOW not what could make you unique in the future. Being secure with your body will take time but you have to figure out what works best for you.

Around high school when Love & Hip-hop came on that’s when I really noticed that change in what was the “body goal” and it was a big booty, no waist, and huge boobs. It never made me insecure though because in my head they were just “video vixens” on TV what does it matter what they look like. That culture of the “perfect boy” made its way into social media because now the “perfect bodies” were saying that a major contribution to their perfection was flat tummy teas, waist trainers, and all natural organic gummies.While I don’t condemn surgery because I strongly believe that if you don’t like something about yourself and you have a safe and legal way to change it do it. I also strongly believe that people don’t have to tell you that they had surgery. In that same thought I believe that you should still be content with the inner portions of yourself before you decide to make a medical change on your body. IMG_0667.jpgWhat I don’t like is saying that your body was achieved by products that weren’t used to create the “perfect body”.  It isn’t fair to consumers or women who look at those products and spend money on it and wonder why they aren’t shaped like a coke bottle yet.

The important thing to remember if you are ever questioning or comparing yourself to someone who is deemed “body goals” is that “you are you and will always be you”. Praise other women but you don’t have to be like the next women we are different for a reason. It won’t be an easy road to stop comparing yourself but if need be just take a break from social media, and the television, and for my young readers those “urban books” on WattPad LOL. Spend time with your body and treat it right because you and your body deserves it. With that being said love every roll, every sharp collar bone, those skinny legs, big thighs, chubby arms, pointy arms,big booties, no booties, little and big breast, or even no breast and love every single ounce of your brain. You only get to live in your body once make it count.

“I love who I am, and I encourage other people to love and embrace who they are. But it definitely wasn’t easy – it took me a while. “
-Serena Williams



Essence Festival: FoodGuide

“The only time to eat diet food is while you’re waiting for the steak to cook.”

-Julia Child

The best part of the summer is almost here well to me it is. Essence Festival is quickly approaching and last year when I went the only thing that my readers who are non-New Orleans natives asked/dm’ed was where to eat. I get it its New Orleans and the events surrounding the concerts are the activities so all you care about is food. I have a few places on both sides of the river that you can find the best food. Let’s say you make it to New Orleans Thursday afternoon pretty late once you get settled in get something comforting and familiar you have the entire weekend to try new foods and for your first day in Nola I recommend IMG_2470 (1).JPGThe Big  Cheezy they have the best tomato basil soup and it goes so well the grilled cheese sandwiches. I promise you the sandwich will fill you up and the service is amazing you can either dine in or take it to go. It’s about ten minutes from downtown and the convention center if you take an uber. Friday Morning for breakfast I would go to Lil Dizzy’s cafe they are known for their breakfast but their lunch is also amazing. The service is bomb asf!!! The women are so sweet I’m telling you it feels like you’re at your aunties house. For lunch on a Friday depending on what events you want to make it to your lunch will most likely be rushed. So let me tell you about on of my treasures when I go downtown.IMG_2531 On the top floor at Jackson’s Brewery there is a sushi place in the corner that my best friend took me to and it is amazing. Now it’s not on the level of a fancy Japanese place but it’s good for a quick bite. If you and your girls are looking to sit down and really enjoy your meal at a fun place try The Rum House. IMG_2479The drinks are pretty good and the tacos are so creative and yummy. The sides are literally to die for try the greens or the poblano mash are the best I’ve ever had. If you want a late desert before you head back to get ready for the concerts or any partying that night go to Snola IMG_2475and enjoy yourself the delightfulness of a snowball. Friday night I would definitely go to Neyows and get a dozen of the char broiled oysters and they have good drinks I heard. Seriously their oysters are the best I have ever have I put them over Acme oysters. On Saturday your food journey can go either way you want it to. If you did all of the natural hair expo or any of the events inside of the convention center and you are just over it IMG_2471venture out to the Westbank. It isn’t that far and you can take the ferry and uber from there. Go to Parrot Pete’s for breakfast it has a really pretty view and the breakfast is unique if you branch out of your comfort zone try the crawfish Benedict.

Or you could stay on the other side of the river and do breakfast at Another Broken Egg and get one of their creative Bloody Mary’s and for lunch there is a BBQ place on Magazine’s called Saucys and the meat is seasoned so well.IMG_2535The service is great and the vibe in there is nice. If you are looking for desert Creole Creamery is to die for and the ice cream flavors are phenomenalIMG_2532.jpg. Dinner options that night could vary depending on what you want to do Shaya has Israeli cuisine, Gene’s Poboys, and We Dat on Canal street are all good food options. The city is your oyster Essence weekend and these are some place to keep in mind. 

“There’s certain things in life that I love. One is architecture. And music, culture, food, people. New Orleans has all of that.

-Lenny Kravitz

The Miseducation of Nicholls State

“Education is our passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today”

-Malcolm X

Well I hope all of my future and fellow Colonels are reading this post because I made it with you in  mind. I wanted to make this during the summer because I had a feeling that school is the top priority on your mind. Well maybe it’s not, truth be told whatever you heard about our beloved school is probably true.IMG_2447 Yes, its in the middle of no where, yes our football teams track record ain’t the best (but they went to the playoffs though), yes, we don’t usually have the biggest artist come to perform at events, and maybe we don’t have all those food options.


Sage The Gemini

Wait this is off to a really bad start lol, but let me say this what we lack in those areas you have to see the beauty of our negatives. While our school is in the middle of no where it is one of the safest schools in Louisiana. In the middle of nowhere you can make your own adventures. Personally me and my girls stay at the arcade in Southland mall and it’s fun because we enjoy each others company and the experience is what we make it. Which is what college is , it’s about your experience is up to you. Nicholls is a growing school in a growing community. Nicholls above all is community based I have met so many great, talented, crazy, and hilarious people through clubs, events, and even just seeing the same person over and over again. IMG_0021.JPGBecause trust me you will see the same people every single day and I’m not talking about classmates. The beauty and the curse of our school is that it’s so small but once you settle and find your place that smallness is comforting. I’m not going to be biased and tell you what to do on campus, who to meet, and where to hang out at, wait actually I am, like all of my other post this is going to be a short list of 5  lies that I believed as an incoming freshmen and lies that I hear often. These lies about Nicholls are about to lowkey unfold. (They aren’t but whatever) 


1) The Wood Is Scary

Trust me when you walk past and it seems like one million tall dudes and girls who are staring you down awaiting to eat you alive, they aren’t. IMG_2453.jpgHonestly they don’t notice nor care that you are there. More than likely they just see a new face or they aren’t even looking at you. If you want to eat, study, or just chill with your friends on the wood then do it. You paid to be on that campus so you go where you please. Also the squirrels are disrespectful thugs and are not to be trusted. DO NOT FEED THOSE SQUIRRELS!!!!!! 

2) Ellender is A Trash Dorm

Personally, my freshmen year they had roaches outside Ellender and they’re not there anymore soooo all I’m saying is that it’s a step up. Let me stop playing but Ellender is a great dorm for a freshmen the community is cool and they have some nice RA’s


Trey, Ellender RA

there for the fall. Plus you’ll learn a thing or two about IMG_2450sharing a bathroom with three other people. I enjoyed my experience in Ellender. Granted in the winter the bricks froze and in the summer it’s hotter than fish grease but you could handle that. 


3) No Fun Events

We legit had a camel or lama or something like that for welcome back day. But on another note there is so much to do during the day. Free shirts are usually always in the union, exotic petting zoo, oxygen bar/glow in the dark arcade, skating rink on campus, wipe out, there’s movie nights in the theater at least once a week, the cafe has themed food nights.IMG_2455 Granted this stuff doesn’t happen everyday but these events and new events happen frequently. Could there be more of  course there is ALWAYS room for improvement. Join clubs that put on events that way if there’s something you want to do that could benefit other students your voice will be heard or simply go to SPA, they are over student programs on campus.

4) The cafe is trash

It is on to number 5. Lemme stop Chicken Wednesday, Jerk Pork Day, Fish Friday, and Steak Night really a joce 10/10 recommend. Other days…. just get your grilled cheese and curly fries and go on with your day. 

5) Nicholls is a Racist School

Truth be told the history of the university is undeniable. The room names, the building names, and even the school name is a reminder of what the south was and in some places still is. Is the actual school racist?2081973-1050472890.jpg I can’t be the one to answer that I have yet to face an injustice on this on campus because of my black skin, I have never been mistreated because of my black skin, and I have not been pushed aside because of my black skin. But that’s just me I’m one person. Black male retention at Nicholls is terrible so that speaks volumes, we lack black representation in classrooms as our educators, and we lack black culture. If you are a student of color attending this university please look  at the history and decide for yourself. Come to this school with a mission outside of your education and help fix the problems that you see. If you’re still put off with the history of Nicholls State once you get here reach out to an organization to figure out the best way to change the problems you see or take matters into your own hands. But if somethings bothering you in regards to your race, sexuality, or gender complaining silently will do nothing for you. 

 “If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it , change your attitude.”

-Maya Angelou 

The Summer Lifestyle

“When you take care of yourself, you’re a better person to others. When you feel good about yourself, you treat others better.” 

-Solange Knowles 


Okay look I want to go swimming so I’m going to make this really quick! Like so quick that these 5 tips to a dope carefree lifestyle will legit be inspiring to say the least. This was supposed to be a long post about my emotional trauma over the last few days but I lowkey don’t wanna tell you guys just yet. I also wanted to talk about Fighting Syrens and the fact that it’s about to be an e-book for purchase butttt I’m not doing that either. Start your summer off on the right foot and then we can get into that fact that I have some cool stuff planned for the rest of the summer. IMG_2428

First up, find a work out that you like and do that. Yoga is my thing always has been I’ve been into since I was in high-school. I started taking yoga classes at the gym my junior year usually before my shift and once I got to college I moved into BodyFlow. Recently, I stared doing my own thing that I learned from @TrapYogaBae I promise if she comes to New Orleans I’m taking her class.IMG_1141 But I took some of her moves and combined it with a few of my favorite yoga routines and I made my own work out and I love it and it fills my soul and it gives my booty some love for the summer.

Keep the skin care routine simple and make sure it has sunscreen!!! Your race/ethnicity is irrelevant to the sun protect your skin at all cost. Mine is by Mary Kay I used it last summer and it doesn’t leave a shadow and it works IMG_2292well with my CC cream because foundation is too heavy for me during the summer. I’m not one who always needs full coverage. The picture is all of my skin care products for the summer. I alternate mask and sometimes I switch toners. 

I’m a bbq girl I really am I love ribs and pulled pork. But they also make me tired and bloated. Fresh food will do you know wrong. Fresh salads, berries, and most importantly foods fuel the body. I’m not preaching here but IMG_2429make healthy swaps we can eat bad anytime of the year but this heat is no joke and you need energy so grab a healthy option if you can manage. Unless it’s craw-fish because you absolutely need to have unhealthy craw-fish, trust me I know I am an expert. IMG_2274 (1).jpg

New things only! No more eating at chain restaurants, or buying clothes that you are afraid to try, read new books, watch new movies.


Try something new and do what you love while doing it. In Atlanta I realized I loved biking. The other day I made some nasty organic cookies but I had fun making them. I watched Being Mary Jane and I loved it. I’m ready Ari Glenn’s book online

IMG_2430.jpg and I’m obsessed with it. During the summer especially if you’re school you have this time in your life to learn yourself and I don’t know actually enjoy life.

Really look inside your heart and figure out what your peace is. If you didn’t get that summer body, if your grades weren’t that great, you didn’t make the team you wanted, if you didn’t get a scholarship for school, didn’t get the summer job you wanted and a list of other things. It’s done and let it be.

Find your peace with that don’t let that sit on your mind or heart.

You can always learn from mistakes, or for lack of a better word failures. They are our lessons. We aren’t perfect and neither are our lives. I can’t tell anyone to love themselves but don’t let someone set the standard for your summer. 

Now seriously I need to go swimming because it’s too hot outside to not be in 6 feet of water. 

“What did not demolish me simply polished me”